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We are a London based forward-thinking business consulting firm.

Our central aim is to provide high quality, professional advice to our clients help them to build a long-term successful business.
For a free consultation, please call us on 020 3633 3258 or email info@stfbiz.com

Entrepreneur Mentoring

We provide a comprehensive mentoring program prepare new entrepreneurs on how to put their idea into reality, successfully launch their new business in UK.

Business Development

We provide advice on how to improve and develop your organisation. Whether you need an integrated organisation strategy, a new ERP or BI system, or a specialist tax advice on corporate structure, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Plan

With social media platforms in place today, the way business reaching their clients are changing, our specialist team here will help you design and implement a marketing matrix best fit for your business to grow.

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A strong culture seated in a strong value helps make STF a market model.
An inspiring, rewarding partner to work with.

STF adds great value to clients by forging partnerships, and deliver be-spoke
solutions to suit businesses of all sizes.