Digital Marketing and why is it pivotal for SMEs

You must have heard the phrase Digital Marketing hundreds of times by now if not thousands. In this blog we will dive into what Digital Marketing is and why is it so crucial for small and medium enterprises. In general, Digital Marketing is part of a holistic marketing strategy for many organisations. Although it is possible that many start-ups and SMEs only use digital marketing while leaving traditional marketing completely out of the equation. So, what is Digital Marketing then?

Well, Digital marketing is a marketing strategy to get your message out there and reach your desired audiences by using internet such as marketing on social media, email marketing, and search engine optimisation. It is defined by the use of number of digital tactics and channels to connect with your customers. In other words, achieving marketing objectives of a service or product using digital technologies and media can be defined as digital marketing. It includes company website, search engine optimization, paid advertisements on search engines, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing. We can simply put it as activities that promote your products or services online to gain traction is part of digital marketing.

If you are unsure or still considering your Digital Marketing options, here we are going to give you seven good reasons to implement digital marketing in your marketing strategy to get you going.

Global Reach:
Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing can easily cross the boundary of local region. This is particularly true for SMEs where they may not have presence in more than one country. They can conveniently market their product or services in other countries through the use of Digital Marketing Tools. Additionally, when customers from other parts of the world share an interest in your products or services, they can do so going on to your company website. A website allows the company to be found on internet from anywhere in the world.

More Cost-effective:
Small companies usually struggle with the lack of available resources to invest in the company’s growth and marketing. This is when digital marketing can become very handy to reach potential customers and create brand awareness as a result of having free online media available at your stake. A rigorous online marketing plan and effectively targeted campaign that is aimed at the appropriate customer groups can prove to be much more cost effective than conventional commercials.

Knowing your customers better:
We often assume one thing about our market whereas, the feedback or survey that we receive from customers can result in a very different notion. In response to that Digital Marketing tools are very effective at gathering the insights about what our target markets are thinking in the form of feedback, customers review on google or company website. We can also understand the customers views so much better through the interactions that can be created on social media in the form comment, tweets, and also by the page review.

Measurable and trackable results:
In the past when a company would run a marketing campaign either on print or broadcasting mediums, it would be extremely hard to assess the effectiveness of the campaign due to lack of customers data. Even if there was an assessment done, that would may be far from being accurate. That has changed over the years through technological advancements. Now all social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram allow businesses to see how a particular campaign has performed. There are also web analytics available for businesses for such data. For example, Google analytics can be used to see the click through rate, churn rate, source etc.

In online marketing customers profile can be refined by the customer behaviour analytics, and marketing strategy, and subsequently campaigns can be tailored based on the refined customer profiles. That will help to personalise the messages in the marketing campaigns. The more a customer buys from a particular supplier the more data the supplier has. Same is true for a customer visiting company web and social media pages. Eventually companies can use the data to target the customers in the next marketing campaigns. In addition, if those customers database is connected to the website, they can also greet those customers with targeted offers every time they visit their website.

Builds Brand reputation:
Digital marketing allows companies to build customers rapport in the distant places as long as the potential / actual customers have access to internet. Having a user-friendly website and positive reviews on independent third-party websites enable companies to showcase who they are and what their customers think about their products and services. This eventually helps other customers in their purchase decisions. Delivering on the promises gives credibility to a particular company and they can capitalise on this credibility through forging a strong relationship with their target customers. This relationship has long term as well as short term benefits to the companies. Since those loyal customers often become the goodwill ambassadors for the company and spread the brand reputation through words of mouth and their social media accounts.

Levels online playing field:
Certain traditional ads like adverts during the super bowls or Premium League are too expensive for small and medium businesses. More often than not small businesses cannot afford to spend such hefty costs. However, through digital marketing this barrier has been minimised significantly if not completely eliminated for small and medium companies. These digital mediums opened many doors for marketing that were previously thought almost impossible for SMEs. They now can utilise their minimum resources for maximum returns through the use of various digital tools available at their disposal.



We will discuss different marketing channels on next two blogs.

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